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    List Styles (Word 2002) (2002)

    We're just beginning the process of looking at Word 2002 with an eye to migrating into it. (The we in this case would be the law firm I work for.) I've been reading the Word 2002 Legal Users' Guide from Microsoft and wondered what practical experience with list styles has been like. Does anyone here use them? With what results? Are they stable, editable, non-breakable, specifically with respect to numbering?

    We are currently using Word 2000 with SoftWise to create numbered heading styles. SoftWise uses Word's built-in ability to create numbered heading styles, but the interface is considerably easier to learn and use. Are any of you legal people out there using Word 2002 alone to do numbered heading styles? If so, how difficult was it to get your users 1) to learn how to do this; and 2) to embrace it?

    Any other thoughts on list styles and paragraph numbering? (Leaving out the usual screeds about needing to link numbering to heading styles - we already say that to our users at least 19 times a day - you'd be preaching to the choir.) Thank you all very much.

    Lee Morgan

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    Re: List Styles (Word 2002) (2002)


    We are a 85 attorney law firm, and we just finished a conversion from WP to Word XP in May. We knew we did not want users struggling with the complexities of paragraph numbering in Word. (I actually got this job based on an hour's training demo in how to create paragraph numbering styles. It is a horrible thing to ask a harried legal secretary to do!) We evaluated SoftWise and WordTricks, and we chose WordTricks because it offers so much more than Softwise. Also, we got great support and customization from WordTricks. You may want to check out

    The reality is that Microsoft's numbering is still broken, and products like SoftWise and WordTricks are a great solution.

    Feel free to ask me any other questions!


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