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    Tom Crepeau


    In Office 97 I could select a helper application to view graphics files. On my new 933 Mhz Dell with 98se, in Office 2000 I can't seem to override the Photodraw selection to open graphics files like .jpg and .gif files. What do I have to do to make my own selection, uninstall Photodraw entirely? If I do that, will I then be able to make my own helper selection?


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    Re: extensions

    Hi Tom:
    My solution to this problem may not fit your needs, but here it is.

    I use the package IrFan View as the graphics helper App for almost any graphics format. (see this <A target="_blank" HREF= w=collapsed&sb=5>post</A>).

    You can select any or all graphics formats for association with IrFan View during it's installation. These associations can be managed later inside IrFan View using Options|Properties|Extensions.

    This way, you have the capability to view (and edit) almost any available graphic format, and, you don't need to worry about direct editing of registry or file associations.

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    Tom Crepeau

    Re: extensions

    Wow. That's what I want, and what I had on my old PC. Now, how to do it today. I've installed the latest IrfanView, and set the extensions setting under explorer. Instead of, on my old PC, having IrfanView manage .gifs and .jpgs, like I expect, on my new PC, only if PhotoHouse chokes will IrfanView start. Office 2000 and its photo editor, WHICH I HATE, has supporned the extensions settings I've set. Now I need to overcome this "feature"-extensions hijackings-somehow.

    Irfanview is my viewer of choice, but Office 2000 isn't giving me a choice.

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    Re: extensions

    Ok. Lets take it in two steps.
    1)Set up the associations
    a)Start Irfan View and click Options|Properties from the menu.
    b)Click the Extensions tab
    c)Click "Clear All", and then click "Images Only"
    d)Click "Ok" to save selections.
    e)Close Irfan view

    2)Check O2k
    Re-run function that was failing in O2K. It should be Ok now. If you are still having problems, let me know *exactly* how the problem is occuring and I will take another look at it.

    Good luck.

    PS: My version of IrFan View is 3.33. This is the latest version as of 2001/02/18.

    PPS: Make sure you have also downloaded the latest plug-ins as well.

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    Tom Crepeau

    Re: extensions

    Boy do I feel dumb! This worked perfectly. Having the package I'm trying to use have the capability I needed to over-ride the hijacking of the graphics setting is very nice. Having now tested it for days, it works perfectly to meet my needs. This latest version of Irfanview really is quite an upgrade, besides![img]/S/blush.gif[/img] -- tc

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