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    email block & MSDE hole (Office 2000 on Win 98)

    Dear Loungers:
    I have two separate problems.
    1) Outlook has been developing problems with one email account, and now blocks pickup of email from *all* of my various email accounts. It will still send emails out on one name, which I haven't attempted to change.
    2) I almost certainly have MSDE on my machine, but I can't find the sqlmangr.exe file to get it to run to attempt to patch the MSDE hole reported in the last Wood's Office Watch. So I haven't even tried to download the patch for it; no use, if I can't fix the password problem.
    In more detail:
    Number 1: I can go out on webmail at Earthlink, and see messages that my Outlook refuses to pick up. No messages from Norton on security, so it's probably not that blocking things. As far as I know, nothing's been changed on settings from tiem when it was working. I understand that Outlook eventually gets bloated to nonfunctionality no matter how much you archive, for instance, or *how* you archive your emails. I replaced the pst file with new (per Woody newsletter instructions) and set up the old one as an archive. But the multiple email accounts must still be problem. I have not yet tried going back down to one account yet. That, and trying an Office repair with the original disk, are tasks for my next fix-it session. I don't really expect either one to help.
    I've already re-entered the data for passwords and changed the order it checks on which account, a trick which helped for awhile. Before that, archiving emails by passing them onto the desktop (and then onto cds, rather than into pst files) helped for awhile. That was why I attempted the new pst replacement, generating a new one per Wood's instructions, but it did not make any difference, and created an error message with synchronization on mail with my Visor handheld.
    In the meantime, I've switched over to Outlook Express (and readjusted my Visor for that, though it's still generating error messages) but I did want Outlook to get calendar stuff from work.
    Is this just an Outlook bug on multiple accounts, and how do you fix it? My informal tech support doesn't know why or what though she's heard it's a bug in Outlook, and that it isn't really designed to work with multiple accounts (WHY NOT???), and she doesn't much care, advises me to switch to Outlook Express-- which means no calendar >[img]/forums/images/smilies/sad.gif[/img]

    Number 2 problem: Patching the MSDE hole per Woody's instructions. Maybe I'm missing things; I'm not sure how to show hidden files during a Start Menu file search. And yup, I've probably got MSDE-etc. on my machine (the Northwind sample db opens fine in Access) and the HKEY MSSQL Server folder is there.
    But it finds *several* folders named Microsoft SQL Server, within various other subfolders. It's probably MSDE 2000 and/or SQL Server 2000, which is logical, as I have Office 2000 running on Win98.
    The problem is carrying out the password directions. I can't locate anything named sqlmangr.exe. I can show hidden files in Windows, but I still can't locate the sqlmangr.exe file with a Start Menu/Find, nor in Explorer.
    I was debating whether running the Northwind sample db--in an attempt to make sure sqlmangr.exe was running while I changed the password-- would be a *bad* thing to do. Dinking with its guts while running Access is just asking for more pain.

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    Re: email block & MSDE hole (Office 2000 on Win 98)

    If you can identify the problem account, you can turn off automatic retrieval for that account when you check for mail, and instead do that one separately, manually, until you figure this out. Perhaps it's timing out? I use Corporate Workgroup mode, so I can't tell you where the option is in Internet Only Mode.

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