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When I use Word XP (and had the same problem with Word2K on the same PC) at over 130% magnification, the screen redrawing slows down enormously. This only happens in Word. I've tested all the other MS and non-MS Apps I have. I have an identical software (tho not hardware) set-up on my work PC and do not have this problem.

I've been discussing this in the Word forum (post 166811) and a suspicion (mine as well) is that this is a graphics card/driver issue and nothing to do with Word. Unfortunately, I know nothing about hardware and have no idea how to test whether this is the problem. I have no worries with simply buying a new graphics card if this will solve the problem (it's really pi**ing me off now!), but how do I find out whether the card/driver is at fault?

The PC is running on Win2k, 256 RAM,and ATi RAGE XL AGP 2X graphics card.

(I had initially thought the monitor could be the problem as I had a rather sexy (but now rather old) Apple flat screen attached to a PC but I've just bought a new PC one and zip, no change)