Regarding the Security Hole and fixing it in WOW 7.36

I found I have MSSQLserver on both machines (via looking at the registry) desktop and laptop connected by LAN... 98SE w SR1and all security updates; ME updated and all security updates respectively.
However I've found no sqlservr.exe or sqlmangr.exe files on either machine, nor for that matter any of the folders indicated in notes 5. of 7.36. C:MSSQL7Binn or C:Program filesMicrosoft SQL
I've updated all the security updates from think? as of today.
I've tried using the commands doing the Start/Run/<cmd> as noted which does not work.
I've tried using the commands in the DOS window, which do not work.
I've done this on both machines with no success.

So how now does one find out if one has a security problem, i.e. a NULL password or >1?