I need to display some data from an active xl workbook on the screen showing an xl workbook on a client computer in the same workgroup. With w98. it was possible to achieve this operation by editing the permissions in the registry as described in the MS KB. With w2k, there is no direct reference which I can find. 'there is a Q128491 which describes the prcedure tor wnt. When following that procedure using w2k, I can set up a share using ddeshares. I can find the share on the client computer using ddeshares. When I set up the appropriate equation on the worksheet, windows claims that it can't find the share by share name.

I might accomplish my objective with automation but it appears that will put much more data on the communication link between the computers. In addition, the software has been debugged using DDE.

Has anyone used DDE between computers with W2k? If not, can anyone offer an experiment which might enable me to see the share in the client computer worksheet?