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    Data has changed error 3197 (95)

    I have not used my MS Access database in a while. Today I opened it, after having upgraded from Win 98SE to Win 2000 a few days ago. I made some changes to a form and then began trying to input data. I started getting a 3197 error say the data had changed. Then when I try to close the form giving the error I get a message asking if I want to save changes, copy to clipboard or discard changes. Save changes does nothing. I've done some research on this on the MS website and found an article referencing shared databases and other users making changes. However, this database resides completely on my machine and is not shared. I also found an article saying I need to update the jet compact utility, but it is only offered for Access 97. I then tried to repair and compact the database. The repair goes quickly, but the compact returns the same data has changed error. Is this related to Win 2000 or some other issue?

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    Re: Data has changed error 3197 (95)

    It sounds as if you may have a lock file hanging around that is giving you trouble. Exit Access, and then check to see if there is a file with the same name as your database, but with a .ldb extension. If there is, you should be able to delete the file and things should start to work OK again. On the other hand, I don't think running an Access 95 database on a Windows 2000 PC is recommended.

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