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    Insert autotext works on some pcs not others

    HI all
    VBA - W97

    I have code which inserts autotext into a documents header.
    On some pcs when I run code it inserts the autotext entry.
    On other pcs(users) when testing it doesnt insert the autotext entry.

    Previously the autotext entry was designed as WordArt in Word 97.
    Due to limitation of w97 I then redesigned autotext in W2000.
    When autotext was in W97, the autotext was inserted & there were no problems.
    Since autotext has been in W2000 thats when I noticed error.
    Note:All users have word/office 97.

    Does anyone know if this could be some setting or configuration on the users pcs or in Word which is resulting in the autoText being inserted in some of the pcs & not others.

    Note: I have posted this in the VBA forum as I have code which actually inserts the autotext.
    However I thought may be a setting in word.

    Any suggestions would be mostly appreciated.
    Thanks Diana

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    Re: Insert autotext works on some pcs not others

    See response in VB/VBA forum.

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