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    Import Corel .cdr ClipArt?

    Is it possible to import a CorelDraw ClipArt into Visio? The only way I've been able to do it is cumbersome - I open it in WP and convert it to a JPEG, then insert it into Visio. I'm looking to convert a large number of .cdr files at one time, or at least without having to go via Word Perfect. THANKS.

    David Giambruno

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    Re: Import Corel .cdr ClipArt?

    I checked the Visio Help info and found the following information:

    "With some vector-based graphics, such as Adobe Illustrator (.ai), CorelDRAW! (.cdr), Encapsulated PostScript (.eps), and Micrografx Designer (.drw) files, lines may appear jagged in the Visio drawing. You may get better results with these file formats if you convert rather than import them."

    It would appear that conversion is the recommended route, but why not try a few and see if what you get is satisfactory. I have Visio 5 Professional. If your version is different this may not apply. HTH

    Ron M

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