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    Recurring Task (Project 2000/SR-1)

    I have a project with a recurring task that is not scheduled to begin until a later phase of the project. No hard start dates are entered, only task duration and links are set at this point. When creating the recurring task, the gantt chart shows the start date correctly within the correct project phase. However, the recurring task pane shows the start date as the project start date which does not match the start date on the gantt chart. The recurring tasks all show as occurring on the same day on the Gantt chart rather than once a month. I can change the start date in the recurring task pane, and then all the recurring task show once a month as they should. However, if the schedule delays the start of the phase with the recurring tasks, the recurring tasks do not reschedule to start on the new date. Any ideas?

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    Re: Recurring Task (Project 2000/SR-1)

    One would not expect a recurring task to reschedule if the schedule is delayed. A recurring task is typically used to represent meetings or effort that is not specifically tied to work related tasks. A recurring task is constrained to the schedule, however, does not drive other tasks.

    Linking to the recurring tasks wont work either unless you link all of them as start to finish.

    I don't know if there is any good work around for this other then creating tasks and then linking them.

    Anyone else have any suggestions?


    (It's been a while!)

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