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    Index w/ more precision than page, LIne #, ?add in (word xp)

    Is it possible to have my index reference say line numbers versus page number or something more precise. Have 30 page legal size document. Index shows the page but then have to do edit find to find the word / phrase. Would love to create a better index even be able to highligt the word on the page. Maybe another add in or utlity that does this?? Have over 100 entries in the index and have bookmarks and hot links but need a better index

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    Re: Index w/ more precision than page, LIne #, ?add in (word xp)

    Hi Jerome:
    I'm not familiar with 2002. However, there have been other threads on this same issue on the previous versions. What you're requesting is sort of a hyperlink in the Index field, like a TOC. So far as I'm aware, there was no solution. It appears that MS designed Word this way, as you could have the indexed Word appear twice on the same page. I haven't yet tried Chris Greaves Indexer that he has posted (You can search for his username or for the word "indexer" to find his download, but I don't think it accomplishes that task.

    Of course, you could always manually create cross-references, but gosh, that might take a long time, especially if you kept adding or deleting key words often.

    Perhaps someone else knows of a change in Word 2002.
    Good luck,

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