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    Estimate Profit and Cost Analysis (2000/SR-1)

    We are a consulting firm where we need to see labor cost, material cost, fixed cost, and billed cost (labor costs using different rates or multiplier) separately. The cost column on the Gantt chart combines material, labor, and fixed costs. I cannot find how to show billed rates and costs. The fixed rate column does not summarize the costs like I want.

    Does anyone now if there are any built-in report/table/views where all this information can be shown and possibly on one report/view/table? I would also like a report that shows this data broken out by fiscal year. Any ideas?

    Currently we use project 2000, does anyone know if these features are better in project 2002 or available with a companion product?

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    Re: Estimate Profit and Cost Analysis (2000/SR-1)

    You will have to define your custom cost fields [Cost1] with a formula such as [Actual Cost]*1.75 and name that Cost1 field "Billing Cost". You have 10 custom cost fields, so you can use the those for any other info. To do this go to tools, customize, fields. Rename the Cost1 field. Click formula. You can then click the field button and choose the field [Actual Cost]. Create your formula from there. Once you create these "Custom fields" and you would like them to show up in a report you will have to make sure that the fields you insert in a table are the same tables being used in the report.

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