A few days ago, my CD ROM drive stopped working. The CD spins up in the drive but when I click on the desktop shortcut I get a message saying that "the drive that the link refers to is unavailable". When I look in My Computer there is no listing for the D drive. When I opened System Properties there was a yellow exclamation point next to the CD item. However, this morning there is no listing for the CD in System Properties.

Also, this morning there are yellow exclamation points next to the Standard Floppy Disk controller, Primary IDE controller, and Secondary IDE controller. When I click on Properties for any of these items I get a message saying that "This device is either not present, not working properly, or does not have all the drivers installed." When I checked for drivers for the Floppy drive the system came back and said the best one was the one already installed.

I really need to get my CD drive back and I am concerned about the Primary and secondary IDE controllers. What should I do to address these problems?

This is a Sager laptop, 256MB RAM, 12 GB hard drive,AMD 400 Mhz running W98 SE. I

I can still connect to the internet and I can get files from another laptop I have that is also running W98 SE.

Any assistance is much appreciated.