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    How do i..... (XP / 2000)

    I have a database in access. I created a form to display some statistics based on the database. One of the pages of stats is based on the different categories of dispositions that are entered for each line in the database. I am using a crosstab query to get the total number of each disposition and display a running total.

    What i want to do, is be able to let the user input a month or date range, and have the cross tab query change accordingly. For now, I created a query called monthly dispo where I manually input a date range, and then run the cross tab query based on that. That is not the most efficient way to do it....

    So, on a form, how do i code an input box so the information will become part of a sort criteria for a corresponding query (if that makes sense)????

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    Re: How do i..... (XP / 2000)

    <hr>part of a sort criteria for a corresponding query <hr>
    You're mixing two different things. Sorting determines the order records have in the query. Criteria determine the records returned. Are you wanting to enter the date range on your form and then view the crosstab for that date range? If so, just add the form references to your query's criteria and add the same form references to the query's parameters. So the criteria would have something like this below a date field: Between Forms!MyForm!txtBeginDate And Forms!MyForm!txtEndDate. You would also add each of the form references to the parameters.

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