I am trying to create run time disks in developer 97 edition. The disks are
created successfully but when I install the program I get an error that
hlinkprx.dl can't be registered is the system registry.
I have older disk images from another progam I made and tried that install.
It works fine. I uninstalled developer and reinstalled but can't get it to
Any ideas on why this is happening and what I need to do to load this
I am making the images from an access 97 sr-2 db I created on a windows 98se

I tried copying the old hlinkprx.dl from the older program into the new created disks. The program loaded fine. From what I can see, when I make a new set of disks the hlinkprx.dl file is updated with the current date that the disks were made. I do not understand why the errors occur when the program is loading. And is there a fix for this or do I have to save the old file and continue to copy it over newly created ones from now on?