I am having a problem getting different print results from the Win 2K Pro generic text driver using the same program on two different machines. The differences are primarily in length of paper and cutting.

My client has two Win 2K Pro machines. Let's call them D (purchased from a major manufacturer) and N (purchased locally). Driver settings on both machines are identical. The printers are supposedly identical. I say "supposedly" because the D machine is physically in another city and I have not seen it myself. I access the D machine remotely via pcAnywhere. The printer is a Star TSP 643, a small restaurant type printer, running off a serial port. The problem is that the printer on N cuts at the correct point but the printer on D does not cut at the end of printing.

In comparing the generic text driver on D and N, it appears that the driver installed on D is older than that on N. The dates are older on some files and the number of tabs shown in the file properties is different in some cases (N has four tabs, D has two). In addition, D has had no Windows Update updates applied at all. N had a number of updates applied before my client picked it up.

Question: Is there any way that I can update the drivers on D without going through a massive Windows Update effort? Can I simply copy the files and place them in the proper directory on D?

Sorry for the long post but it's a long, complicated issue.

Thanks, in advance.