I have had a problem I posted here getting Disc Clean Up to run. It has been ready
to run many times before with the same amount of files, ect. on my C drive which is
around 18GB (I divided my 80GB hard drive into four drives and try to protect my data
by backing up but also by putting it on other drives --My Documents on "D"--in XP you
can transfer your documents in minutes by right clicking and telling it where to send
them--maybe 2000 I dunno there). I give the size because like Defrag when you haven't
for a long time, it has been pointed out it can take a good while to compress depending
on the size of what has to be compressed before Disc Clean Up can run. But after
over five hours, I believe it's something else--perhaps DLL's or files(s) are damaged.
So I heard about SFC and it's variety of commands and read the KB article and
some things on it (the KB is Q222473). I know it can run to repair/restore protected
DLLs that might be damaged, so in hopes of repairing Disc Clean Up and others
I might not know are damaged, I tried to run it from the dos prompt (as opposed
to the Recovery Console where I have run it before and it ran--what it did positive
is another question).
When I try to run it it prompts me for the CD which I put in and hit "retry."
It then puts up another box and says there are two possible reasons it won't run:
1) My CD drive isn't working (it works perfectly); 2) I have the wrong CD--impossible
it's the XP CD.
I would like to run it. Any suggestions how I can make it realize I have the right
CD? My next step would be just to put in the CD and get into the MRC--the Recovery
Console and run it from there. The command I was using was the logical one to use
SFC/SCANNOW and the command must be case sensitive.
When it won't run, the annoying "retry" and "are you sure you want to skip this"
boxes stay up, and they can't be killed from Task Manager, so I have to reboot to get
rid of them.