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    Custom Forms (2000/SR-1)

    I would like to create a form within a project that is global for the project and not task or resource specific similar to the Project Summary form. The main use of the form is to enter data that will be used by our accounting group for setting up the project in the financial system. Data would include things like Project Start date, project end date, Currency type, company code, system ID number, etc. I cannot find the Project Summary form listed in the Organizer and I am not sure if copying/using a task or resource-based form will give me the project summary information I want to include. Also going through customize forms I cannot find the field that shows project start and end date. Any thoughts or different ways of accomplishing this?

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    Re: Custom Forms (2000/SR-1)

    - I assume you are trying to get data out of project. Try creating a mapping table by using File, Save As, choose .csv (or text) and create a new map. Select the fields you need. All of the fields you need are available. Then whenever you need data, just select the report you created. This will also work for importing data, but, a little trickier.


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