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    Mirror image graph? (Powerpoint 2002 (XP))

    This is a very odd problem. Have a presentation in Powerpoint I received from someone else. In it, there is a chart. The chart is showing in mirror image (backwards). I can actually edit the chart and edit the datasheet on the chart just fine, and when I am in edit mode, it shows the correct way, however, once I deselect the chart, it flips back to being backwards

    Any help would be much appreciated.


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    Re: Mirror image graph? (Powerpoint 2002 (XP))

    Hey, Rob. I have not ran into that myself, and have sympathy for you 'cuz that sounds real bizzar. The normal interface disallows for charts to be flipped, unless they are ungrouped first which yours is not.

    I'm just wondering, do you have SP-1 installed. There were a number of fixes with that patch. I know of one problem with charts in PPT that was fixed, there may have been more. I was also wondering if your problem had anything to do with that "Read from Right" option that is so prevelant in XP programs. But I couldn't find a setting for it in PPT.

    Start with the SP-1 and also, you might try to isolate just the one slide, strip it of background formatting and post it here. It shouldn't be over 100kb. Maybe someone can figure it out by seeing it.


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