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    Default File Properties Entry (Office XP SP-1)

    Some of the departments in our company want to add default entries to the File -> Properties area of Office documents. An example would be "Releasability: Internal use only" in the Comments field. I know the user name and company name are entered during the setup process but how can other defaults be set for every installation from the administrative installation point I've created. I do have an MST file that provides customization. Do I make the changes there? Thanks for the assistance.

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    Re: Default File Properties Entry (Office XP SP-1)

    You might try creating these in I would expect properties in to propagate to new blank documents. Similarly, you could try adding it to your other templates. Unfortunately, anything in could be blown away by the user, so you might also need to check at other times (e.g., when documents are saved). I know nothing about MST files.

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