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    Window/form size manipulation (2000)

    How can I get the form to fill the screen when it is opened regardless of the user's resolution?

    Also, when I open a form all the prior forms stay open. Is there a way to close them once you go to another form?

    I've played with settings in the form properties but haven't had any luck.


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    Re: Window/form size manipulation (2000)

    To open your database in a full Access window, use a shortcut to open the database and set Run property of the shortcut to Maximized.
    If you want to resize an access form to full screen (of the access window) you can use the DoCmd.Maximize in the on open event of the form.
    To go back to the predefined size use DoCmd.Restore.
    If you want to close a form when you open another use the command DoCmd.Close, acForm,"MyFormName". There is no automatic closing of a window when you open another form and you have to take care of it yourself in code or in a macro.


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