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    Mad absolute links

    I've got a worksheet which very simply displays the information from specified cells in another workbook.
    The problem is, = plus the cell gives me ='[CBPMTS01.XLS]JANUARY 01'!$C$1022 but if I F2 edit and change the $C$1022 to non absolute (using F4) then the cell no longer diaplays the answer but instead displays the formula - ='[CBPMTS01.XLS]JANUARY 01'!C1022

    Ok I could leave the reference absolute and individually specify each cell instead of dragging down, but it's a real pain. Also I notice that = plus target cell works fine until I remove the absolute reference, but thereafter ALL cells in the column seem to have the problem. HELP. I've tried Excel 97 & Excel 2000 on Win98 or Windows 2000 prof.

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    Re: Mad absolute links

    Is the Workbook (CBPMTS01.XLS) in the same directory as the workbook containing the link ?. Has it been moved possibly.

    On the destination workbook goto Edit Links and make sure the update Automatic option is selected.

    Hope this helps you


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