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    File selection (Access97)

    Hi all,
    I have coded a file picker using the File Dialog Object in access 2002 as done in the employees form of the northwind db. As only two of the workstations in our office are running Office XP (the rest are Office 97) I converted the front end of my db to 97 to put on the other workstations. Alas, it appears the file dialog is only part of the Microsoft Office 10.0 Object Library and not the Microsoft Office 9.0 Object Library. Is there any way to make the ver 10 object library available to office 97? If not, can anyone suggest another way of allowing a user to find and select a filename and path in office 97.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: File selection (Access97)

    There isn't really any easy way to do it prior to XP, however, take a look at this thread to see what can be done in Access 97/2000 using API calls and code form the Access Developers Handbook. There is also code you can download from The Access Web to provide the desired dialogs.

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