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    can i simplify a code (Access 2000)

    Can i simplify a code that makes visible different controls depending on the choice from the options in the
    main form? If in the main form the option 2 is chosen, then the visible control should be Sim and so on.
    Since i will add on further cases and options i would like to be independent of the hard coded enumeration of the cases.

    Public Function fpopup()
    Dim f As Form
    Set f = Forms![ProductsPopUp]
    Dim strDocName As String
    strDocName = "FOrderinformation"
    If IsOpen(strDocName) = True Then
    Select Case Forms![Classess]![Students]
    Case 1
    f![PopJohn].Visible = True
    Case 2
    f![Sim].Visible = True
    Case 3
    f![Kate].Visible = True
    Case 4
    f![Nina].Visible = True
    Case 5
    f![Steve].Visible = True
    Case 6
    f![Luke].Visible = True
    Case 7
    f![Bud].Visible = True
    End Select
    End If
    End Function

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    Re: can i simplify a code (Access 2000)

    Since you can reference f![PopJohn].visible as f("PopJohn").visible you could setup a table with 2 fields (CaseVal, & TextEquiv, TextEquiv could hold "PopJohn" in the case of CaseVal=2) etc.

    Alternatively, you could also setup an array and use the Case value ( Forms![Classess]![Students] ) as the index.

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    Re: can i simplify a code (Access 2000)

    If you're going to add lots of options, using a separate control for each option is probably not the optimal design. If you have 200 students, are you going to add 200 controls? Why not use one control? If you set up your tables and queries the right way, you can probably make it a bound control that automatically displays data for the right student. If that is not possible, you could change the contents or the control source of the control in code.

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