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    Netscape 7 Info (Mozilla 1.0)

    I'm going to quote from a note I received written by a friend and former co-worker. I WILL NOT use a "Netscape" branded browser as long as Mozilla continues to be available and do the job I want done, so I haven't verified any of this. For what it's worth to you die-hard Netscape users, here's the message (I made the links clickable):
    <hr>AOL not surprisingly is dropping pop-up blocking in the 7.0 release of Netscape. If you want to upgrade to 7.0, but want to retain the ability block pop-ups (i.e. unrequested windows), here's how:

    Download the adblocker.xpi file.

    When you download the adblocker.xpi file in Netscape 7, it will add .txt to the filename (adblocker.xpi.txt).
    Before saving the file, remove .txt from the filename and save the file to disk.

    Then in Netscape 7 click
    File | Open to install.

    Then In Netscape 7 click
    Edit | Preferences | Advanced - Scripts & Windows to unselect or select the Open unrequested windows

    Here's more on the fix. <hr>

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    Re: Netscape 7 Info (Mozilla 1.0)

    I found this useful, so I checked my (Linux) installation. I found the option is still available in the Linux version without the patch.

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