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    copy & paste ranges again (2000 or xp)

    Let me explain my situation. I am a Civil Engineering Intern. My company has an old spreadsheet created in Lotus (I think). There are several Alt + keys which allow the insertion of a range of items. These Alt keys have been linked to Ctrl keys somehow when used in Excel (I just use it). The spreadsheet is used mainly for calculating pipe sizes for storm water management. It

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    Re: copy & paste ranges again (2000 or xp)

    Here are the lotus "definitions" followed by the excel VB equivalents. Based on the Lotus macro, I would assume that "NewArea" is a named range which contains the formula to be copied in a relative fashion including the vlookup.

    /wgpd = Worksheet - Global - Protection - Disable
    = ActiveSheet.Unprotect ("password")
    [Note: I assumed that the password is literally "password" change as appropriate]
    /wtc = Worksheet - Title - Clear
    = ActiveWindow.FreezePanes = False

    /wir~/wir~ = Worksheet - Insert -Row - <enter> done twice.
    = Selection.EntireRow.Insert
    = Selection.EntireRow.Insert

    /cNEWAREA~~ = Copy - (range named)NEWAREA <enter><enter>
    = Range("NewArea").Copy Destination:=Selection

    /wgpe = Worksheet - Global - Protection - Enable
    = ActiveSheet.Protect ("password")

    Hope this helps,

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