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    rationalkize select statement (Access 2000)

    Avoid repeating one and the same select case statement

    In my main form i have a certain fixed row of options and i am refering to these options a lot of times and on different occasions.
    therefore i am forced to write down the select case statement many times.I wonder is there a way to rationalize the select case
    statement, to write it down only once and then refer to this constant code repeatedly in different functions. That is each function to be able to refer to the set
    conditions given in the main form with the help of the options.
    here is an example of a function that might be rationalized:
    class0,rowo etx are control sources in the form.For example in case 1 the control source will be equal to class0, but in case 2 it will be equal to class1.

    Public Function FWarehouse(Bestand, Stueck)
    Select Case Forms![main]![Options]
    Case 1
    Bestand.ControlSource = "class0"
    Stueck.ControlSource = "row0"
    Case 2
    Bestand.ControlSource = "class1"
    Stueck.ControlSource = "row1"
    Case 3
    Bestand.ControlSource = "class2"
    Stueck.ControlSource = "row2"
    Case 4
    Bestand.ControlSource = "class3"
    Stueck.ControlSource = "row3"
    Case 5
    Bestand.ControlSource = "class4"
    Stueck.ControlSource = "row4"
    Case 12
    Bestand.ControlSource = "class11"
    Stueck.ControlSource = "row111"

    End Select
    End Function

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    Re: rationalkize select statement (Access 2000)

    How about this instead:

    Public Function FWarehouse(Bestand, Stueck)
    Bestand.controlsource = "class" & (Forms!main!Options - 1)
    Stueck.controlsource = "row" & (Forms!main!Options - 1)
    End Function
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