After reformatting C: and reinstalling WinME and all applications and all updates, the only problem I am continuing to have is with my HP 4100C scanner. I have the ME driver CD and have used it successfully before; however, now it won't complete its installation process. When I reboot I get a message that the process of copying HP software has not completed, but CTL-ALT-DEL doesn't indicate any process not responding.

So, I looked at Device Manager in System Properties and couldn't find the scanner. OK, I shut down, uncabled (USB) and rebooted to see if the anything changed; nothing had that I could see. When I checked Add/Remove Programs, HP Scanjet software appeared in the list of installed programs. I clicked to uninstall and the process hit the hard drive for a while but there was no screen feedback. CTL-ALT-DEL indicated that Uninstall was not responding. I repeated this several times even shuttting down and restarting between attempts. I still can't get the software to uninstall. I can't get the system clean for a fresh install. I ran regedit to look at entries ( I made NO changes, just displayed the registry contents) and found that the HP software appears to be registered in several parts of the registry. I'm not knowledgable enough about the registry to attempt to modify it directly.

Any suggestions as to what to do? How can I get the uninstall process to remove the Scanjet software? If I delete the directory where HP software is installed, and all its contents, the registry will still contain the entries. I have Norton's utilities. Will it clean up the registry after I delete the software? This seems too chancy for my limited expertise. I sure hate to have to reformat and reinstall everything because I don't know what the problem is and it might not do any good.

All suggestions greatly appreciated and gratefully received.