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    Outlook 97 help (Outlook 97 SR-2)

    On my win2k machine I have two accounts, one for me and the other for my wife, the problem is that sometimes I get her mail and sometimes she gets mine. We both have different email addresses too.
    Also every time either of us adds contacts to our contacts folder, it automatically adds them to the others account.
    Also If I delete something in mine, it deletes it from hers, say like the mail I get that is hers that comes to both our mailboxes.
    Any ideas how to fix this mess?

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    Re: Outlook 97 help (Outlook 97 SR-2)

    I would make a guess that you are using the same .PST (data) file for both profiles
    Make a copy and configure one of the outlook profiles to use the copy instead.

    Hope this helps

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