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    Opening Word 2000 doc in Word 2002 (W2000)

    I have created a 130-page book that I want printed and coil-bound. It consists of pages measuring 5.5 X 8.5 but the template I created is for paper that is 11 X 17 so that they can print 4 identical pages on each side of the paper and then make two cuts and end up with 4 books. In other words, 4 page 1s on the first 11 x 17 sheet with 4 page 2s on the reverse side and so on.

    I used Word 2000. I have created several macros and styles in this document. I took it to 'Mailboxes etc' to be printed and that's when the trouble started. They have 3 computers: one has Word 97 and the other 2 have word 2002.

    When I originally created the document, I went into Tools>Options>Save and checked the 'disable features not suported by Word 97.'

    They have tried to open it in Word 97 and the formatting goes wonky. Nothing lines up properly anymore.

    They also tried Word 2002 but it does other weird things to the layout. When 2002 opens the document, it looks like it should for a few seconds but then the whole thing kind of shifts to the left, leaving a .5" margin on the left and changing the right margin to about 2.5 inches, throwing everything off. It essentally shrinks all the text and graphics no matter what I use to set the margins, rbrn though in Page Set up, it says the margins are .5" (Left) and .7" (Right) I've even gone down there to see if I could adjust the margins manually but it does it every time.

    When I try to save the document as File type "Word 97/2000 & 6.0/95-RTF(.doc)", I get a dialog box telling me that that feature is not installed yet and would I like to install i t now. I then insert the CD when it asks for it buy the next dialog says that Ofice cannot find the data1.msi file that is needed. When I browse the CD, I can SEE the data1.msi file but it terminates the installation anyway.

    Can anyone tell me how to avoid this misery? The guy at Mailboxes (the owner) says he doesn't know anything about Word and he only uses Pagemaker. He wants me to re-do the whole thing in Pagemaker and I don't know how to use that program.

    This has taken hours and hours of time and I'm about in tears of frustration.

    Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give as much information as I could. I don't want to attach the document to this message because it is almost 4 Mb but I will if anyone wants me to, okay?

    Thanks so much for any help.

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    Re: Opening Word 2000 doc in Word 2002 (W2000)

    One thing that can affect margins is the printer driver. Have you tried saving your document in 2000 with the printer that is installed at MailBoxes?

    Plan B: Is there a Kinko's near you?

    Plan C: Will Acrobat accommodate an 11x17 page? You could try the "try it a few times free" conversion at Adobe's site. Someone posted a link to it earlier this year.

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