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    zip file that can be customize to be like an exe (excel 2000) program that can customize microsoft software.

    ie.. excel , words and etc..i saw some guy using this zip programme ( but i dont know which want ) and can create a setup installation process just like an exe stand alone programme..the setup file not like regular zipfile from winzip who also can also make an exe file but you cannot customize the extracting process. this zip file that i saw can let the user to customize the installation process(extracting process exactly) , even they can create their own icon and destination where the file sholud go...
    i know it is not a normal winzip programme..this thing is different
    hope some1 can help me.thanks

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    Re: zip file that can be customize to be like an exe (excel 2000)

    Cross-posted <!post=here,169239>here<!/post> so I'm locking this thread - please post responses in the other thread.

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