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    Virus Control Message PopUp (PowerPoint 2000)

    When clicking on a link in a PPT slideshow that should automatically lauch Windows Explorer to display files, I get this following error message popup prior to seeing the list of files...does anyone know of a way to supress this message?

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    Re: Virus Control Message PopUp (PowerPoint 2000)

    You don't indicate which Service Releases of PowerPoint have been applied, but this looks like the stuff that got stuck into SR2 of Office 2000 to eliminate some virus vulnerabilities. If that's the case there isn't much you can do to turn it off. I suppose you might be able to get really cute with some Windows API calls, but that can get ugly in a hurry, and may not be consistent across different versions of Windows. Since the Explorer application is always running, there may be some way to activate it without actually running it as an EXE, but it's well over my head.

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