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    Changing tab order in Tabstrip Control (VB6)

    Is there a relatively painless way to change the order in the tabs of a tabstrip control?

    I designed a form with 5 tabs based on info received. Now "they" want the order changed and a new tab added. Adding does not pose a problem
    but I am having difficulties in changing the order of the tabs themselves.

    Is there a simple resolution? My kludge workaround would be to rename the existing frame containing the tabstrip, adding a new form putting the
    tabstrip in and then copying over the existing frames from the earlier form.

    Any ideas anyone?


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    Re: Changing tab order in Tabstrip Control (VB6)

    The tabstrip control is not a container. That is, controls do not belong to a tab page. In this, a tabstrip is different from an SSTab control (or the MultiPage control in Microsoft Forms).

    Do you have a control array of frames? In that case, you can change the index value of the frames to reflect the new tab order. After that, you only have to change the captions of the tabs.

    Or do you have code like

    Select Case TabStrip1.SelectedItem.Index
    Case 1

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