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    help with templates / file locations (97/2000)

    I have recently started working at a company with around 700 workers in approximately 20 departments. The large majority of workers have Windows 98 and Office 97. (A small number use Windows 2000 and/or Office 2000). There seems to me to be a big mess in terms of templates and I was wondering the best way to make some order.

    Here is the scenario:

    In File Locations in Word, in User Templates, there is a directory. For most people it is a directory on a network share. Some departments have all users pointing to the same directory (i.e. serversalestemplates) , others have each user pointing their own directory in the subfolder of templates (i.e. servermarketingdavidtemplates). Some users have the User Templates directory pointing to a folder on their local computer

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    Re: help with templates / file locations (97/2000)


    Here's a brief description of how I handle templates and file locations here (approx 150 users).

    First I took all of the standard code (the code I manage) out of I created another template file with the standard code in it and had all users attach to it as 'Global Template'. By doing this it prevents the curious user from accidentally changing the code on her/his machine, it also separates their macros, autotext, and code from mine.

    When we set up a new machine we point the user templates to a location on each user's hard drive and put and the file that contains the standard code (I'll call it in that folder.

    We also put an AUTOEXEC macro in each user's The AUTOEXEC code looks something like this:

    Public Sub main()

    'check date, time, and size of on S: drive
    varSTime = FileDateTime("")
    lngSSize = FileLen("")

    'check date, time, and size of on C: drive
    varCTime = FileDateTime("")
    lngCSize = FileLen("")

    'check size and time, copy if dates or sizes are different
    If (varSTime <> varCTime) Or (lngSSize <> lngCSize) Then
    'copy from S: drive
    FileCopy "", ""
    End If

    AddIns.Add FileName:="", Install:=True

    End Sub

    Now every time a user starts Word this macro checks the size and date of their copy of against the one on the network drive. If they are different then it copies the file on the network drive over the one on the user's hard drive. So when I push out a new version all I have to do is put the new out on the network drive.

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    Re: help with templates / file locations (97/2000)

    That is a pretty reasonable thing to do however I would expect you might need to add some error catchers for situations such as:
    Network drive not mapped to S: (You can use absolute addressing to avoid that problem)
    User not currently connected to the network - eg a laptop user wont be connected every time.

    Either of those situations would most likely spring an error and should be catered for in the macro.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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