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    Linking Documents (2002)

    I've searched the threads as many different ways as I can think of, in addition to checking out the help system and Microsoft's site, and can't find a way to do what I would like to do.

    I have a database of job candidates. I also have their resumes scanned into PaperPort. What is the best way to link the record for the candidate to the scanned image of the resume? PaperPort (as well as Acrobat) offer the ability to store all the pages of the resume in one file. If I change the file type to .jpg or some other format each page has to be a separate file and this doesn't make it easy to display in Access.

    Ideally, I would like to pull up the candidate record and either see a thumbnail of the resume which can be clicked on and enlarged or a button which will bring up the document in a quick loading program. Adobe Acrobat and PaperPort take too long to load just to look at one document. It would be easier to open both Access and PaperPort at one time and switch back and forth.


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    Re: Linking Documents (2002)

    I never use PaperPort myself. But I guess there must be its ActiveX control for you so you can insert the ActiveX in Access Form. Then I assume you can view the file in the form with a few lines of code.

    Try to look it up when you are in Form Design view, go to Insert menu>ActiveX Control...>scroll down the list and look for the PaperPort. Then you have to explore the activex how to make it work for you. Sorry I have no idea about it.

    Can you view the file with Acrobat? If so, you can insert Adobe Acrobat for Control ActiveX. I use the code below to view PDF in Access for inserted with Acrobat ActiveX.

    Private Sub cmbPDFFile(Cancel As Integer)
    Dim strString As String
    Me.AcrobatActiveXControl.src = Me.cmbPDFFile
    End Sub

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