I sent the following to Woody last month.
The ONLY features I want to see MSFT add to Office, and their other
products, are the following:

1. Improve the internal review process to reduce, if not eliminate:
a. Poor design/implementation of particular features.
b. Reduce the occurrence of bugs.

2. Properly, and fully, document ALL features for both the user and developer.

3. Institute proper SQA and testing to eliminate most of the bugs that get

4. Implement a true EMAIL, not web-based, mechanism for reporting bugs that
allows attachments to be included. I just did this for VB .Net and a bug
was isolated that the devos had said they could not otherwise reproduce.

5. MSFT, truly USE your own products on machines that would be typically
used by users, i.e., no firewalls or special software. Fix the base
products security holes. Do not rely on 3rd party vendors to protect
customers from your mistakes.

Oh well, 'nuf for now. Notice that the emphasis above is on releasing a
properly designed, implemented, tested, and documented product. Until MSFT
gets that right, other than security fixes, most users need NO new features.

P.P.S. Oh yes, end users deserve a user friendly macro language. Neither
WordBasic nor VBA or, the expected .Net follow-up really is useful for
other than programmers, especially with such inadequate documentation.