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Thread: Office XP (XP)

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    Office XP (XP)

    I just purchase the Professional version of Office. My question is this. I am currently running Office 2000. Will Office XP over write Office2000, or do I need to go in and delete everything including the registry files?
    Thanks in advance
    Thanks John
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    Re: Office XP (XP)

    If you bought an upgrade edition, you probably should leave Office 2000 in place because the installer will look for it to make sure you are qualified for upgrade pricing. If you bought full, it's your choice. However, a lot of the settings in the Registry are things that you probably do want to carry over so you don't have to re-do all the settings.

    There are several other messages in this board on the subject of upgrading and migrating that you might find useful if you browse or search around.

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