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    Formatting Bar Chart (2000)

    I need to change the color of my July bars. Every time I click, it highlights all the bars and I have about 30 charts to do with 4 years worth on each chart--I could be here all day randomly clicking until it hits just the July bar. Isn't there some way to make all the July bars a different color than the rest without having to manually select it?

    If not how exactly DO you manually select one bar without having them all select.

    Also I would only like the data label to show for the July info. How do I do that?


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    Re: Formatting Bar Chart (2000)

    The following code should color the seventh bar of all charts (on the active sheet) yellow (6), which of course you ucan alter to suit.

    Sub FormatPoint()
    Dim oChart As ChartObject
    For Each oChart In ActiveSheet.ChartObjects
    With oChart.Chart.SeriesCollection(1).Points(7).Interio r
    .ColorIndex = 6
    .Pattern = xlSolid
    End With
    End Sub

    Hopefully it will at least get you started,

    Andrew C

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    Re: Formatting Bar Chart (2000)

    To display only the July labels, try this:
    Insert a row (column) above (beside) your labels, and only put the months you want to display inside it. Looking at my attached picture, you can see that I only want to display my March and July values.

    Then, when I'm creating the chart and have the opportunity to create Category (X) axis labels:, I just specified the new row (column) of labels. Please be sure to select all of the cells above (beside) the original labels. Notice I didn't just start at the first March -- I started the labels at January, and ended them (if I hadn't cut out the rest of the data) at December.
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