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    Word 97 & VB: Starter Book (Word 97, Windows 2000)

    I'm ready to 'graduate' from 'recording macros via keystrokes' to actually writing them in VB. I'd like a good reference book to get me started, bearing in mind I don't know the difference between module, newmacro, or project in VB terminology. Because of this, I end up with multiple copies of macros as I save them every which way I can.

    Mary Cahill

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    Re: Word 97 & VB: Starter Book (Word 97, Windows 2000)

    Frankly, I can't remember how I learned VBA; it started 4-5 years ago, and it's a bit of blur. I have "Word 97 Macro & VBA Handbook" by Guy Hart-Davis in my bookshelf. This is a classic and has been recommended to me by many people. I think I inherited it and consulted it from time to time. Looking at it now, it looks like a really good introduction. You might be able to find it online; most bookstores no longer carry Word 97 books.

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    Re: Word 97 & VB: Starter Book (Word 97, Windows 2000)

    I would recommend you start at Woody Leonhard's "Word 97 Annoyances". It is an exceptionally easy to read introduction to making Word do what you want it to do. This does include some basic macros but does not really delve into serious coding with variables and loops etc. I seem to remember it had a very good description of how templates can act on a file and in what order (eg Normal, Attached Template, Add-ins). It was certainly an eyeopener for me.

    The book is long in the tooth but much of the content is still applicable in the later versions. You may have to track one down second-hand as it has been a while since I've seen it in the shops.
    Andrew Lockton, Chrysalis Design, Melbourne Australia

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