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    Unicode, entity, decimal

    Yes, Preview will convert the entities to standard HTML, and the box below will show that too. So, even if it's a commonly used entity such as
    <IMG SRC=>

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    Re: Unicode, entity, decimal

    Hi Eileen,

    Thank you for the confirmation.

    What I have learned:
    &#x25BA; You can pretty safely use all those symbols and special characters that are in the typical Word fonts like Arial and Times New Roman (about 1300 charcters, which is quite a lot compared to the &#x2248; 200 characters you have on your keyboard).
    &#x25BA; Other more exotic characters will only be visible for those that have &#x201C;Arial Unicode MS&#x201D; (or possibly another big Unicode font) installed.
    &#x25BA; Copying Unicode characters from Office directly into a post works sometimes, but fails other times. It seems safer to type entities for the Unicode characters directly, or paste the text containing the entities from a HTML page opened in a text editor (or &#x201C;View code&#x201D; in a browser).
    Example: Arrow &#x2192; = &#x2192; = → (with "x": hexadecimal code, without "x": decimal code).
    &#x25BA; &#x201C;Preview&#x201D; and editing a post often messes up the characters. Preview will often turn a character into two characters (like &#x2665; turning into

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