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    Using user accounts (V2002 Pro)

    I've been doing a little reading up about user accounts and networks and I am confused! When I set up my computer I ignored user accounts figuring that I didn't need to know about them because I was the only person likely to be using my computer. But it's not that simple, is it?

    For security and administration purposes it seems best to leave the master administrator account alone and set up one user account to use on a daily basis. Then, if things go wrong it's possible to log on using the original administrator account and hopefully put things right. Is this thinking correct? I'd be interested to know what kind of set up more experienced users are using. I realise every situation is different but I wonder if there are any 'golden rules' to bear in mind. I'm particularly interested in two PC network situations.

    Also, is it possible to 'clone' user accounts? Not just style and appearance but taskbar, shortcuts, favourites etc. i realise that over time the two user accounts will diverge if 'used' differently but is it possible to create the same starting point? Also (while I'm at it) is it possible to 'sync' user accounts - so that system changes made to one are made to the other? I'm not thinking about data but about settings.

    I guess that's enough for now!

    Chris (Hunt)

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    Re: Using user accounts (V2002 Pro)

    See thread "How to Log in Best Way in Detail (Win XP Pro) " <post#=170434>post 170434</post#>

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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