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    Restoring saved data from CD to HD

    Hope this is the right section to post this query - can't see a more approriate one. Anyway...

    I am about to attempt to reformat my HD, upgrading from Win95 (that's right) to Win98SE. I have been trying to back up files, folders Outlook Express mail, IE Favourites etc by copying to CD.

    Can someone please enlighten me on how to restore stuff copied from my HD on to CD (RW)? When I was saving the data, I got a message warning that the saved data could only be read by a multi-read CD ROM (or something to that effect), but I went ahead and copied it to CD anyway.

    I note that when I put the CD of saved data into my Atapi CD ROM, nothing happens, and when I try to open the CD I get a message saying "E: is not accessible. The device is not ready. Re-try/Cancel" - clicking on Re-try does nothing. Assume this is because my CD ROM doesn't have multi-read capacity? If this assumption is correct, can I restore the saved data from the CD to my HD via my CD-RW drive (excuse terminological inaccuracies, please!). If so, how? If not, how do I restore the data to my HD after I've reformatted it and installed Win98?

    Cheers, and thanks for any help.


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    Re: Restoring saved data from CD to HD

    First assumption here would be that your machine is fairly old if the OS is Win 95. That being the case, your CD-ROM drive probably doesn't have the capability to read the CD you have created. Your correct in assuming that you could to use the CD-RW drive to copy the data back to the system after the upgrade (probably). If the drive wrote the disk it should be able to read it. Have you tried putting the backup into the CD-RW drive and accessing it there ?? If you can read it, then you should be able to restore your data from there. One caveat here. When you restore the files, they will all need to be converted from "Read Only" to "Archive". To do this, first select / highlight all the files, in a single folder, that you want to convert and then right-click on any one of them and select "Properties". Then click on the "Archive" box at the bottom of the properties window. That should take care of the conversion for all the selected files. Repeat the process for every folder you've copied over and you're good to go. <img src=/S/compute.gif border=0 alt=compute width=40 height=20>
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