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    Gateway SOLO 3300 Laptop Battery Problem

    Can anyone help me with a problem with my Gateway 3300 Laptop battery pack
    The battery has "frozen up"

    By that I mean that I can't run the 3300 on the battery, the beast jest won't Boot-up on battery power,only with A/C power

    I checked the Battery status by pushing the little white spot underneath the 3300 and all 4 green LED's light up indicating that the battery is fully charged

    I also checked the battery conditon via Windows Power Management in the Control Panel area and that showed that the battery was 100% charged, but also showed that it was "charging" !!

    With the AC adaptor connected the Battery indicator green and orange LED's both flashn on and off at 5 second intervals (whatever that means !!) There is no mention of thei phenomena in Gateway's 3300 Manual

    I also carried out the Battery Training routine via the BIOS commands and when I ran that it immediately told me that the battery was already "Trained" and charged to 2700mAH's !!

    I've been told that there is a software program which will run a discharge cycle on the battery so that it gets its "mind" restored

    I was then told by a Battery Restorer company that there was probably a faulty cell and I should repack the battery

    This made a bit of sense to me as the battery pack was ca. 2 years old so I had the battery pack re-celled but on installing it, it exhibits exactly the same problems *&^%$&

    Can anyone suggest what may be wrong and how to rectify the problem

    Awaiting assistance

    Cheers n Tears

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    Re: Gateway SOLO 3300 Laptop Battery Problem

    I don't mean to sound flippant, but why don't you call Gateway now?

    When I first bought my IBM Thinkpad 240 2.5 years ago, on day 3 the battery would no longer deliver power to the unit even though it was fully charged. 4 days of warranty repair and presto, all was good in the world. You've done a ton of troubleshooting and taken almost every measure a person can without cracking the case. It sounds to me like the battery isn't the problem but something in the notebook itself - and that's a job for the vendor.

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