I have two questions about the in-built CD burning process in xp:

1) I created a CD-R of .jpg files and a few other files by copying the files to the staging area and then burning them to the CD. Now I'd like to add a .zip file and replace a .rtf file already on the CD. I figured I'd copying the two files to the staging area and then copy to the CD. But I suspect that might then prevent access to the .jpg files copied in the first session. Am I right here? If so, how do I go about just getting the two new files onto the CD and still be able to read the files from the first session?

2) How do I prevent the xp CD burn wizard from deleting the files from the staging area at the end of the burn if I don't choose to burn another CD? I would like the files to remain in the staging area so that I can go there, delete and add, and then burn another CD with a slightly different set. At the moment, all I can do is wait till the end of the wizard and try to cancel it before it starts deleting anything.

Many thanks,

Mike Crib