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    Re: Access/Excel import (Access/excel)

    This question was also asked (and replied to) <!post=here,170799>here<!/post> in the Excel forum. Please post replies in that thread.

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    Access/Excel import (Access/excel)

    <font color=blue>Thread locked - please respond to the duplicate thread in Excel using the link below - WendellB 21-Aug-02 11:07</font color=blue>
    Hi ,
    I need some help on this problem . I get a excel sheet from users.
    In one of the column depending on the status of a task, cells are filled with either RED or GREEN color. I import this excel sheet to Access and then generate a report. Now in this report my users wants to see the same colors as in excel sheet. Is there a way to read the color in excel sheet while importing ??

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