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    Where are Settings stored (Outlook 2000)

    First let me explain what is happening:

    I am attempting to set up an Outlook install, profiles, polices, settings, etc. for my firm's Outlook rollout. First I attempted to use ZenWork's Snapshot to capture the install and settings - bad idea. So, plan two is to use the CMW, profile wizard, and newprof.exe to create the install, profile and settings. But, I'm having problems with just a few settings.

    When I first captured the install using Snapshot, I was logged into Outlook as a test user, "test4". I made all the changes to the settings and views that I wanted to make to that account and then captured it. When I found that this wasn't working, I moved on.

    However, some of the settings for this user have stuck. In particular, changes to the current view by going to View, Current View, Customize Current View. For this user, I originally added a field to the inbox view that showed the sensitivity of each message and on the calendar, I unchecked the "compress weekend days" option. Now, even if I use a newly re-imaged machine on to which "test4" has never logged on, and I delete all of the user information in the network user profile (the "win" directory), these settings come back when I log into Outlook as "test4" for the first time. The only that remains untouched each time is the Exchange account.

    My questions:
    1. Does anyone know of any settings that are stored on Exchange
    2. Where does Outlook store view settings?

    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Where are Settings stored (Outlook 2000)

    Funnily enough, a search on Google for "Where does Outlook store view settings" threw up:

    Where does Outlook store its view settings?

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