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    Product activation/Trial version (XP Pro (trial))

    I was running a trial version, had forgotten when it would expire, which it then did without warning. I've re-installed by rebuilding my machine, so I can get some practice on XP, but will I have Microsoft knocking at my door now? Or is the fact that you have to re-build your machine enough that they're not bothered that I haven't yet got myself a retail copy!?

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    Re: Product activation/Trial version (XP Pro (trial))

    If I understand correctly, you reloaded your trial version (probably times out in 120 or 180 days ) on the same machine. If this is right, how is it running? If you put "winver.exe" without the quotes in the command line, this should tell you to the minute when a Beta or trial version is going to time out.
    My one experience with an XP timeout was running a Beta, RC1, for 6 months. I didn't know when it would time out, and it gave me a countdown 5 days before, and then it began to count the hours. After it timed out, it ran OK, except every 3-4 hours (it varied) it would crash me to the desktop whatever I was doing, and tell me that I needed to go buy a "retail version" of Windows XP. If I wanted to put up with that, I could still be running it today. So did you reinstall your trial, how is it runing, and what do you see when you put "winver.exe" in the command line?


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