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    Calculation Hangs in Excel XP (XP 10.2614)

    I have several large Excel models that take a few minutes to calculate. We have experienced situations where the calculation step (called from a VB program) hangs. However, we are able to break the program and try the calculation step again, and sometimes after a few tries it works. This same behavior sometimes occurs even when calculating without a VB program. If we open several linked workbooks, and calculate, it will hang. But if we open just one,and get it to calculate, then open more of them, we can eventually get to the point where they are all open and calculating! These models had no problems running with Excel 2000.

    Has anyone else experienced this? I know my version is very old (pre SP1), but our IT desktop "support" department insists on controlling the distribution of software and is not planning to install SP1 until October, at which point they will still be one service pack and one year behind. I can probably "illegally" install the updates, but I'd feel better about it if this was a known issue that is fixed in SP1 or later updates. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Calculation Hangs in Excel XP (XP 10.2614)


    Take a look at this site for more than you ever wanted to know about calculation in Excel.

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