I have a theoretical 80GB hard drive, which is really only 74.5GB for reasons I am trying
to pull out of Dell--obviously they have it modified someway. I have C, D, E, F and then
the CD burner, and DVD drives. I have an "unknown" drive that is 1.5GB that has a "backup"
Windows XP on it that I was taught to make when I reloaded XP by Microsoft Tech Support--
Roxio Go Back without the XP Patch wiped out my partitions, MBR, and Boot.ini and I
couldn't repair the partitions after working for days to do it. I have My Documents on the
D Drive to protect them and make room, but now the C Drive is full. I can start to copy folders
and files to other drives, and delete them from C, but I have heard I may be better off just
making a small drive for the Operating System--some people have told me they use about
6GB or 8GB on C--I know I won't be moving it and then a theoretical 72GB or whatever is
left for one other. Here are my questions and as always I really appreciate the help.

1) In a previous thread, Mark or Dave suggested to move the Paging File to a separate drive.
The suggestion was also to increase its minimum and maximum--and I got a palpable
reward from doing this--performance definitely got zippier. I wonder now what limits the
size of that max and minimum, since if it is "virtual" it's not taking up actual space--or is
the page file taking up actual space and therefore confined by limits of how much "free
space" there is on a drive.

2) I think I'm not going to find the Page File as a conveninent Icon or file, so how does
one move the Page File to another drive, and because you can I guess it's not an
inseparable part of the OS by definition.

3) I know I can to go the group policy editor and display the drives by putting "gpedit.msc" in
the command line, but my understand is and it says that if you modify partitions there,
you are going to format the drive or at least loose the information so if that's true that's
not going to be an option because I'm not going to "wipe and reload" to get this done.

4) I have Partition Magic, so I'm thinking I can learn to use it and possibly rearrange my
partitions so that I have Windows XP on C Drive, and one large drive for the rest or
possibly I can put a smaller Drive for My Documents giving it some GB to grow.
I don't do a lot with Video or Pictures yet, so I don't feel the need to put a separate drive
for that and the only real Music is just ripped from CD's (and the Wav Files are in MY
Documents). I know some people find it convenient to put all their Games on one Drive,
but I only have a few, and they aren't large files. Encarta on DVD put me up to the limit
on "C," and I understand it's going to be several GB being a DVD.
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So the short version of my call for help is:

My C Drive is full. Thanks for the suggestion to increase the Page File--it was a big help.
You also suggested to move it, but I don't know how and to where. Given my 75 Gb
to work with, what is the best way to divide--is it say 6 GB--and why not 3GB or less since
my OS probably is in the neighborhood of 1.5 GB--at least that's the amount the Backup
is on the "unknown" drive. Is there a way to measure or "read" what space my Windows
XP Pro takes since some of the sites I've read on how much space you need for XP seem
to offer a "range" for its size and I'm not sure what makes that vary.
I want to divide my drives without reformatting. I'm NTFS, and I think 32GB and above
mandates you to NTFS. What's the best way to allocate my space? How exactly does
one move the page file (virtual memory) file and should it go on one big second drive or
should it get it's own and is Partition Magic the way I'll accomplish re-arranging the real-
estate on the hard drive.

Many thanks,