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    Reason for Glitch Posting and Hitting Ctrl + 'I' (Win XP Pro)

    I keep learning the hard way that I cannot italicize on a post or in "Subject" here unless I use
    a Markup Tag. But what I'm trying to understand is what happens when I hite Ctrl +I and that's
    why I post it here since it's in the category of an XP or IE shortcut problem and it grabs all the CPU clock time when I do it. I tried to italicize by hitting Ctrl + "I" which you can do in Word, Outlook, OLE, Word Pad, Note Pad and Hotmail, but not in Yahoo and some other Web-based emails. I suppose this is an HTML phenomenon. Is it? What happens is that it tries to bring up Favorites, and eventually brings the frame without the actual favortites list up on the screen, but it won't let me do anything else and it freezes the system and I have to reboot.
    It also gives me the "pieces of the GUI" phenomenon with the video card where it is eating up memory and/or CPU clock time to 100% so that it freezes the system.

    I don't think Ctrl + I is listed as any Windows keyboard shortcut combo to bring up Favorites, but that's what it does and only a reboot will get out of this problem. I just wanted to understand the reason why it happens.



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    Re: Reason for Glitch Posting and Hitting Ctrl + 'I' (Win XP Pro)

    Read the FAQs and Help files that are on the Lounge Menu. You will learn a LOT.

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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